October 20, 2020

In-Fighting Going on at SoCal

It’s bad enough the USC Trojans are on double secret probation, had to give back a Heisman trophy, have a new AD and don’t forget they have a head coach who got chased out of Tennessee. Now USC has an alum who is considered royalty in coaching, considering he has the longest coaching tenure in the NFL, suing head Coach Lane Kiffin over the theft of an offensive coach. A freaking running backs coach nevertheless.

Kennedy Pola left the Tennessee Titans to become the offensive coordinator at USC even though Jeff Fisher was never aware until after the fact. You have to figure this process was going on during Mike Garrett’s term as AD and was already in motion by the time Pat Haden came into the office as the new AD.  I can’t believe Haden would have allowed this to happen without reaching out to Jeff Fisher especially since they know each other.

Personally, I don’t see Lane Kiffin at USC very long past this year as he has a way to even make me feel sorry for Al Davis. This guy is bad news for the university and for amateur athletics as a whole.

Lane Kiffin’s Arrogance is Despicable

Lane Kiffin has been with USC for all of two weeks yet he has already found enough time to commit a recruiting violation. According to reports from several sources the new head coach of USC decided to pick up a recruit recently from the airport in a limo. While it is only a secondary violation it is just another example that Lane Kiffin thinks he is untouchable. During his reign as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers the football program reported SIX secondary violations and the NCAA is looking into two other possible violations. I’m still amazed this joker is regarded as a top notch coach when you consider how poorly he did with the Raiders and was only 7-6 with the Volunteers. If he didn’t surround himself with the highest paid college coaching staff in the nation it wouldn’t take long at all to find out Lane is a complete fraud. I hope USC is happy with their choice now because I don’t think the happiness will last very long.

WTF? WOW! and makes sense

Say it aint so? Another coach ala Mike White from the west coast has worn out his welcome in the SEC.

Lane Kiffin has accepted the USC head coaching job and I think the Trojans really did get their man and he was more than happy to get out of Knoxville and Tennessee is more than accommodating to allow it to happen.

He doesn’t come alone as family and friends are on the plane.  Kiffin will bring his father and defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin, and assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron (ex-Mississippi head coach) to Southern Cal with him. Wide receivers coach Kippy Brown will be named interim head coach at Tennessee, but that won’t last for long.

With Kiffin, USC will get a proven offensive mind who knows the system. Kiffin already has Matt Barkley and he will be able to work with the best QB prospects in the country in the coming years. What the Trojans just did was reload, not rebuild.  I don’t know how they did it, but they got better in coaching plus they have a young team primed for success and they will drive even more recruits to the school. Sorry to my beloved UCLA, but this is a great move by Mike Garrett who I hate with a passion orchestrated this along with Pete Carroll masterfully.

Now, who is the Vols next coach? Does Gruden now have a chance to take over a program where he started his coaching career as a graduate assistant in ’86? I think if he wants to coach college over pro then he wont get better than this, but he could be waiting for or an opening in the NFL in 2011.

Kiffin has left the cupboard full with a young solid team and 22 recruits leading to the #6 overall 2010 ranking from Rival Sports. 14 of the recruits are 4 stars and Kiffin recruited defensive studs, top wide receivers and straight up athletes from all over the country. See a pattern? Sound familiar? This is a win/win for both school. Also, do you really think Kiffin leaves Tennessee for USC if there was a death penalty coming? USC is the #8 ranked recruiting class with only 14 recruits, but of course three were 5-stars and eight were 4-stars.

Top 10 Recruiting Tactics by Lane Kiffin

Three Tennessee football players were arrested late last week in an alleged armed robbery and weren’t allowed to play in this past Saturday’s game against Ole Miss. This arrest got me thinking about Lane Kiffin and how things have gone since his arrival in Knoxville. Here is our Top Ten list on Lane Kiffin’s recruiting tactics to date with the Tennessee Volunteers.

Shows recruits clips from The Longest Yard instead of actual Tennessee game tape.

Threatens recruits who are on the fence with a FedEx package from Al Davis.

Tells parents of all recruits that all his players will graduate with Honors. Wink, Wink.

Convinces recruits that Nick Saban will be leaving Alabama soon to become a mobster in a new
HBO television series.

Right before they sign a letter of commitment they are read The Miranda Warning.

Uses actual hypnosis on recruits to convince them that Urban Meyer is the Anti-Christ
and wants to steal their souls.

Directs his scouts to look only for recruits who have been in Juvenile Detention.

Offers recruits clean sheets, three square meals a day and no bars on their dorm windows.

Arranges the opportunity for recruits to meet his smoking hot wife.

Every recruit gets a brand new shiny pellet gun on signing day.