October 20, 2020

Disgusting Character

Derrick Caracter was arrested early Sunday morning in New Orleans for an alleged battery of a pregnant waitress. According to the police report, the Lakers reserve forward was drunk and belligerent at an IHOP in the French Quarter. Caracter was reportedly “grabbing and pulling” the pregnant waitress until a police officer came into the restaurant and arrested him. I know things get crazy in New Orleans, but things like this should never occur!

Hall Of Fame for the Best Owner in Sports

25 years ago Jerry Buss decided to offer “Showtime” in as many Southern California homes as possible. Just a few seasons after he purchased the Lake Show from Jack Kent Cooke Buss decided to give the average fan an opportunity to watch all the Lakers home games for $20 a month by launching Prime Ticket. Due to his vision of changing the landscape on how he Lakers could be seen along with owning a team that has won 10 NBA Championships during his 31 year ownership Dr. Jerry Buss was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

I salute you Jerry Buss who won a coin flip and drafted Magic Johnson which started a wave of dominance only the NY Yankees have enjoyed since 1980.

Amber Alert! 6’11 Bald Power Forward is Missing

Lamar Odom was last seen in Phoenix, Arizona on May 30th riding in a gold Bentley with Khloe Kardashian after he stopped off for some Skittles at a 7-11 on the 10 Freeway.
The first 2 games Odome has provided the Lakers a dismal 8 points with 9 boards in 36 minutes of playing time. Lamar at one time last night had 3 fouls in 3 minutes. Take away the fact that Artest was 1-10 and Derek Fisher was 2-8 yesterday, Lamar is the guy who is supposed to come in and pick up the team if they are down.

The Lakers can ill afford to have Odom be the invisible man if they are to repeat as NBA Champs.

Boston vs LA, Again!

How did the NBA get so lucky again? As much as David Stern would love to have a Kobe vs Lebron NBA Finals there is no debate that this is still the marquee matchup that got the NBA a new and exciting audience 26 years ago and is still a ratings magnet to this day.

It is amazing that combined these two teams have 32 total championships between them out of a total number of 62. The NBA Finals have been played every year since 1947. The Lakers have been to the NBA Finals 29 times and the Celtics have been to a total of 20 and have faced each other head-to-head 11 times. Magic Johnson’s Lakers won 11 of 19 games over Larry Bird’s Celts in Finals, but Boston is 9-2 vs the Lakers all-time in the Finals after starting with an 8 game winning streak.

This has all the makings of a great series that could very well go 7 games and I believe that this series will go the distance. This gives us all a reason to embrace the NBA Playoffs so enjoy.

I see at least 1 game going OT and the series being won by LA in 7 with a nail biter at the Staples Center.

OMG! What Have I Done?

In case you didn’t know I recently moved back to SoCal, Long Beach to be exact, and since my return all of my favorite LA teams are in the crapper except for the Los Angeles Kings.

I came back to SoCal on the 24th of February and the Lakers have lost 10 games and 6 of their last 9. They have been dominated at home for two consecutive Sundays against San Antonio and Portland. They are limping into the Playoffs and Kobe is totally off his game shooting less than 30% from the field in his last 5 games.

One week into the MLB Season it is very apparent that the Angels and Dodgers, who are perennial playoff contenders, are horrific so we could be in for a long summer.

So what do I have to look forward to? Well, the LA Kings are in their first NHL Playoff season in 8 years which helps ease the pain a little bit. Also, the Long Beach Grand Prix comes to town next week so that is another plus, but doesn’t take away the sting overall.

When exactly does football start?

Lamar Odom Locks in Prenup

Word on the Hollywood streets is Lamar Odom and reality hack Khloe Kardashian has now signed their prenup. The interesting thing is the official marriage license won’t be filed for a few more days. The specifics have not been released on the prenuptial agreement, but rumors indicate the fugly Kardashian girl wants a cool half a million each year they are married plus a $5 million home in case the two were to get divorced down the road. That being said, Khloe won’t be able to get her greedy little hands on his latest $33 million contract with the Lakers. It isn’t very surprising she is making these demands because let’s face it this marriage might not last longer than it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Ron Artest Just Screwed Up

I’m sure the title comes as no surprise to anyone considering we are talking about Ron Artest, but this blunder could be even worse than his rap CD. Artest was recently acquired by the Los Angeles Lakers and wants the fans to know if they don’t repeat as NBA Champions they can point their fingers at him. I thought playas would have learned by now you never, and I do mean never, come out and make bold statements and predictions because the chance of them blowing up in your face is extremely high. Artest stated, “They should. That’s exactly what should happen if we don’t repeat,” while promoting an exhibition game in late October at the San Diego Sports Arena. “They won last year, and I’m the new addition. The fans expect to repeat. Everybody in L.A. expects a second ring. And if we don’t then yeah, they should point it right at me, throwing tomatoes and everything.” I’m sure Lakers fans are smart enough to not take the throwing tomatoes statement literally because Ron would not hesitate to jump in the stands and beat your a$$.

Nuff said, Lakers are World Champs

As I predicted, the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Finals in five games and it wasn’t nearly as close as the media tried to make it. All hail the Lakers and don’t be surprised if they are back in the Finals again next year. Yes they have some questions on whether to keep Odom or not and they will undoubtedly take a look at the free agent pool this offseason, but with Gasol and Kobe still at the top of their game and the unlimited potential Bynum has this could be another dynasty for the Lakers.


The Lakers Missing Link is a DJ

When the Lakers take the floor tonight in search of their 15th World Championship I expect them to throw the kitchen sink at Dwight Howard especially after Phil Jackson’s comments a couple months ago when he stated he would rather have Howard on his team instead of LeBron James. The key to the series is to not allow Howard to score inside the paint and to force him out of the key where he is not nearly as dominate. Phil will have three seven-footers to throw at the beast known as Dwight Howard. Yes, there is a third Laker above 7-foot. His Delta Chi name is D.J. Mbenga. act_dj_mbenga Mbenga has only played in 23 games this year and is averaging 2.7 points a game and 1.3 rebounds. Needless to say he hasn’t been an integral part of the Lakers squad, but that will all change in this series. Mbenga’s greatest achievements to date happened back in the 2006 playoffs. D.J. played for the Dallas Mavericks and Avery Johnson’s wife was being disturbed by some fans and Mbenga reportedly went into the stands with owner Mark Cuban to help usher Mrs. Johnson to the locker room. Because of this ace he was ultimately suspended for 6 games without pay for entering the stands.

So, to wrap things up I think the missing link in the Finals coming to you by way of the Congo and now pimping a Laker jersey is D.J. Mbenga. Between Gasol, Bynum and Mbenga they will have plenty of fouls to put Dwight Howard on the line where he hits a paltry 55%.

My prediction is the Lakers in five because they have the big bodies that Cleveland didn’t have to throw at Howard.

Lakers must get rid of the garbage to be the best…

The Los Angeles Lakers are said to have the best talent in the NBA, but I don’t know why people are saying this when they have stiffs like Lamar Odom, Luke Walton and Sasha Vujacic on their squad. As Charles Barkley would say, “these guys are Turrrrable.” Not to belabor the point but has anyone noticed that Derrick Fisher is old and can’t even shoot anymore?

The Lakers have only 4 players averaging over 10 points per game and with Lamar averaging only 11 points while sinking free throws at a 53% clip the big 4 is about as cheap as the Clippers top talent.

Sasha whose claim to fame is shooting from behind the arc is averaging a mere 37% from downtown and sadly enough this is actually much better than his 27% shooting from inside the arc. Vujacic is averaging a total of 3 points per game with 0 assists plus no free throw attempts other than a technical foul in Game 4 which he missed.

73920313LB007_Los_Angeles_LNow lets move on to Luke Walton because this guy is tanking his father’s legacy with every game he plays. Luke is averaging a mere 3 points per game, shooting 33%, grabbing a whopping 2 boards per game, and not even getting the free throw line on average once a game.

When only 3 of your starters are averaging 10 points or more a game and the bench is not producing then it is no wonder why Kobe is taking more shots and there is dissention among the team around ball distribution.

The key to Game 5 is easy if the Lakers will rebound plus Fisher and BYNUM come to play. Can anyone wake up this immature fool? Andrew Bynum was considered at one time this year a potential All-Star until a freak accident left him hobbled for most of the second half of the season, but c’mon. He is letting Chris ‘Bird Man’ Anderson and Nene kick his butt up and down the court.

If the Lakers don’t win the rebound edge tonight then it is game over and series over. Hope you have a nice day on the golf course with Lebron boys.