January 20, 2021

Get It Over With Already

This has become a very busy July in sports especially more so than in any previous years I can remember. Usually after the NBA Finals it’s a bit quiet with just baseball to watch which is only in the middle of their season. So with the most boring time of year approaching, MLB All-Star week, we are actually glued to what is happening in the NBA and there is also a little something going on called the World Cup.

The whole NBA free agency period has been riveting and great water cooler talk for the last few weeks, but in last few days it has become quite ridiculous. We now have an ESPN one-hour show for LeBron James to inform everyone where he is going? Not to mention he is going to sign a multi-million dollar deal with a team of his choice while many people in the country can’t even get a job. If LeBron leaves Cleveland a town hit hard by this economy and does it on national TV than he is complete and total douchebag. I like LeBron James, but going on TV to leave the area who has supported you since birth would be devastating for the city and surrounding area. The only good thing that would come out of the event is James will be providing thousands of dollars of ad revenue from the event to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

I believe a three-star team if he actually does go to the Miami Heat will be a force, until something goes wrong. I mean the 80’s Lakers and Celtics were three-star team as were the Pistons, but that was many moons ago. How about the Lakers of 2004 that had Shaq, Kobe, the Mailman and Gary Payton, it failed miserably! If Miami is going to win a championship they need to get bigger and right now they have Bosh and Beasley.  They also need to fill a lot of other roster spots with basically no more cash under the cap. This could work, but a lot of things point to it not working.

In the end I just want this free agency period over so I can go enjoy the rest of my summer.

Beasley Turns to Rehab

Michael Beasley the former number-two pick of the 2008 NBA draft by the Miami Heat has committed himself to a rehabilitation hospital. The former superstar from Kansas State was reportedly encouraged to go to rehab by representatives from the Heat due to possible psychological and substance issues. Beasley is supposed to spend some time with John Lucas a former NBA coach and player who has helped many people through substance abuse issues. This doesn’t come with much surprise after Beasley left alarming tweets recently on Twitter like, “Feelin like it’s not worth livin!!!!!!! I’m done,” and “Y do I feel like the whole world is against me…I can’t win for losin.” Beasley had a good first year with Miami after averaging almost 14 points and over 5 boards a game. Let’s hope this story turns out with a happy ending.

Quentin Richardson Needs A Hug

NBA forward-guard Quentin Richardson has been swapped more times this summer than a Ken Griffey Junior rookie card at a baseball card show. Richardson has now officially been traded FOUR times just this offseason. The Knickerbockers sent Quentin to Memphis on draft night for lottery pick bust Darko Milicic. Then three weeks later, the Grizz sent him to the LA Clippers for cantankerous Zach Randolph. Then just three days later LA sent him to the Minnesota for Mark “I Can’t Dance” Madsen, Sebastian Telfair and Craig Smith. Finally Richardson was sent to Miami from the T-wolves for veteran center Mark Blount. It seems the Heat truly plan on keeping Q and he will make $8.7 million this coming year which is the final year of his contract. It has to be embarrassing to be shipped around that much in such a short amount of time, but for $8 million you can trade me for an order of nachos and I will still be asmiling.

Antoine Walker Will Work For Food

Antoine “I never saw a shot I didn’t like” Walker has been charged by Las Vegas prosecutors for owing some serious cabbage to some Vegas Casinos. Walker who won a NBA Title with the Miami Heat in 2006 owes Planet Hollywood, Red Rock Resort and Caesars Palace close to $1 million. Looks like someone will be heading off to Europe for a couple of seasons since no one in the NBA is willing to give you a shot anymore.

Stats of the Day – April 28th, 2009

* The Denver Nuggets beat the New Orleans Hornets last night by the largest margin ever on the road in a NBA playoff game. The Nuggets won by a whopping 58 points via a 121-63 win.

* The Atlanta Hawks won their first playoff game on the road in 12 years last night in Miami with a 81-71 victory. The victory ended a slide where the Hawks got pounded by 132 in their last five playoff road games.

* The Chicago Blackhawks won their first playoff series in 13 years last night with a 4-1 victory over the Calgary Flames. The Blackhawks closed out the series 4-2 and they will face the Vancouver Canucks in the next round.

* The Boston Red Sox have won 11 straight games while the Florida Marlins have now lost 7 in a row.