October 19, 2019

Joe Mauer is Paid

Joe Mauer’s monster new contract begins this season and he’ll make a cool $23 million for his efforts. The more impressive notion is Mauer is doing so well with endorsement deals that he doesn’t even need to touch his MLB paychecks. Mauer’s new bi-weekly checks are worth $1.92 million a pop which means he will have a healthy savings account. On a side note, Mauer’s $23 million salary is only $11 million less than the Pirates payroll in 2010.

Mauer is Officially Set, Are the Twins?

Minnesota Twins fans are basking in the glory of the Joe Mauer signing right now, but even as loved as he is in Minnesota should they really be so happy? Mauer’s contract extension is completely ludicrous ($184 million for 8-years) for a mid-market team even if he continues to play at the very high level he has displayed to date. The new Target Field will inevitably bolster their financial situation, but can they really continue to put enough talented players around Mauer to actually contend for a title? Minnesota’s payroll for this season will be around $97 million which is a $30 million jump from just last year. Things really start to get out of control next year when the Twins will have over $70 million sunk in just a mere eight players. How in the world do you fill out a complete roster without drastically increasing your payroll to a dangerous level? Mauer is fantastic and barring an injury he will only get better, but the jury is still out on whether this will be a good move fore the Twins in the end.

Mauer Leaning Towards Remaining a Twin

Minnesota is waiting with eager anticipation on whether or not a star will remain in his home state. The ridiculously talented 2009 AL MVP catcher Joe Mauer could very well be on his way to becoming the most loved athlete in the history of the state of Minnesota if the rumors are true. Reports indicate Mauer is close to signing a ten-year deal with the Minnesota Twins which in this day and time of MLB is rather amazing. Normally players of Mauer’s talent would head to the Yankees or Red Sox, but the three-time AL batting champion seems content staying home. If the negotiations happen to break down it will be an all out hysteria to see who can acquire the best catcher in all of baseball and outside of Pujols the best overall player in MLB.