October 25, 2020

Potential #1 Seeds

I think it’s safe to say that Kansas and Kentucky are destined to be number one seeds in the 2010 NCAA tournament barring a complete meltdown in the next couple of weeks. The third top seed should end up being Syracuse because they have looked like one of the top four teams in the country all year. The Orange has Nova in the Carrier Dome this coming Saturday and they do have to play in Louisville for the last game of the regular season so it’s up to them to lock it up. Now, who will get the last spot? Nova had this spot right in their grasp before last week, but two losses in a row have us looking elsewhere. In the end it will probably be Duke because they have won 6 in a row and should win out unless they lose at Maryland next week. If Duke does stumble then Purdue is next most logical team with Nova, Kansas State, West Virginia and Ohio State waiting in the wings. Three weeks from now we will know for sure and the anticipation seems to build with every passing day.

The Big Dance Could Be Getting Bigger

The NCAA rumor mill has churned out a juicy morsel and it will be interesting to see if it actually turns out to be true. Sources have stated it’s a “done deal” that the NCAA basketball tournament will be even bigger and badder than the current 65-team field and it could happen as quickly as next year. The expansion will result in either a 68-team event or an eye-popping 96-team tournament. The NCAA supposedly is going to make the move in order to sign a long lucrative contract with a network or host of networks and 96 teams makes the tournament even more appealing. Currently the NCAA has three years left on their contract worth $2.131 billion, but they do have the ability to opt-out before August 31st.

If the tournament does expand to 96 teams it really concerns me on a few fronts. First and foremost, it would drastically dilute the field and allow some real dogs to make the tournament that don’t deserve to be there and won’t have a shot at winning the championship. Secondly, I’m concerned the expanded field will really take away from the regular season. Currently you need to be on your game every night or you won’t be enjoying the thrill of playing on national TV in the middle of March. If they allow another 32 teams in you will without a doubt see teams take nights off in the regular season yet still make the Big Dance with a 17-13 record. Also if the NCAA is going to extend the tournament even more, which will cause players to miss more class, how can it continue to justify not having a college football playoff?


Upset Minded Tourney

I know what you are thinking.. this guys 5 Star pix are .. well in the immortal words of Charles Barkley, “turrrable’.

I did not see Cleveland St walloping Wake like they did.. Although I thought Cleve St was gonna hang around for a while.. I mean they did beat this years Tourney Darling Syracuse at their house. I just didnt see it.. Pitt and Loui both disappointed as big time favs so yesterday was a bad day.

APTOPIX NCAA Va Commonwealth UCLA BasketballThere were a few shining moments like …I did have that crayon Siena as well as ASU and USC from the Pac 10 who by the way are showing that their conference wasn’t such a bad conference after all. Ya know that conference out west that had as many teams in the tourney as ACC and after round 1 is 5-1.

So without further adieu I give you my Pix.. keep in mind I am 3-5 after 2 days so play with caution.


UConn -10

*****Wash -2

We Got Thabeet

As much as I like the little guy to play in the greatest sporting event ever made.. yes World Cup freaks.. the best event, I dont like seeing 103-47 scores. Dont get me wrong.. I gave the 20 and got Uconn and collected my duckets before the 10 minute mark of the first half, but C’mon this is embarassing.

Whats up with that douchebag from Morgan St. Amir Ali?.. yep a terrorist.. He decided to flip the Player of the Year over his back and then try and walk away like he didnt do anything. Of course the refs saw this and sent him to Guantanomo…

Anyway, we had some decent games in the night session of the First day with scares from American (Winner +16.5)  and Akron early in their games, the “no Duh” game  Western Ky as well as the nail biter UCLA v VCU.  Its not that we did not know this game was gonna be like it was but UCLA was able to not stink as bad as VCU  was able to survive and advance and that is the name of this tourny.

I was 3-1 on my first day of the madness and of course my 5 star pic was a loser.. but I am sure you would take 3-1 every day of the week.

Day 2 Pix

Pitt -20

Louisville -21

Portland State +10.5

*****Wake Forest -8

The Presidential Bracket

Below is an ESPN video of Barack Obama walking Andy Katz through his NCAA basketball tournament selections. Nothing better than a good politician walking a straight line and basically picking straight chalk!