October 19, 2019

QB Controversy Brewing in Philly

I bet if Kevin Kolb had things to do over he would love to start off his era in Philly in better fashion than what transpired yesterday. Kolb looked stiff and seemed to tip off his reads which almost led to him throwing three different interceptions. Kolb was 5-10 for 24 yards and was sacked twice in a first half where the Eagles only garnered three first downs and a total of three points. At half time it was determined Kolb had a concussion so head coach Andy Reid turned to Michael Vick to lead the Eagles in the second half. All Vick did was rush for 103 yards, pass for 175 and he threw a touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin. Kolb won’t practice until Friday at the earliest and he must pass a specific evaluation exam before he can be cleared to play. With all of this going on it seems Vick will get most of the snaps this week in practice which would make one think he will be the starter this weekend against Detroit. If Vick is able to perform up to the caliber he displayed yesterday is there any way Reid and the Eagles can then go back to Kolb?

What Are You Thinking FOX?

This falls under the category of “WTF?”

Most males are really jonesing for ‘real’ football games to begin because the preseason can be a tad bit boring after the first half of a given game. Fox had a real opportunity to broadcast and most likely get the biggest rating ever for a preseason game if they would have aired Philly versus Jacksonville tonight.

Why? Because we could have watched Mike Vick straight from Leavenworth Penal League play some professional football once again. fox-sports-network-logo

But NO! Rupert Murdoch and the execs at FOX have decided to air the horrible Miami versus Tampa Bay bore fest. They have had plenty of time to make a change and it wouldn’t impact anybody in south Florida if they prefer to watch the Fins versus Bucs so this is a real head scratcher.

Way to go FOX.

Vick Dog Chew Toy

The people who offered the orginal Vick Dog Chew Toy have now released their latest version of this hot commodity. No longer do you have to suffer through your chew toy wearing the outdated federal prison garb, oh no! You can now purchase the Vick Dog Chew Toy in his updated Philadelphia Eagles jersey. Hurry now before they all sell out!

Vick Dog Chew Toy website

Hank Baskett to be a Dad

Kendra Wilkinson the soon to be wife of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett has announced she is pregnant. Wilkinson is a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and her and Baskett are set to be married at the Playboy mansion on June 27th. These days Wilkinson is a reality TV star appearing in the show The Girls Next Door and now in her own reality show Kendra which premiered this past Sunday and had record breaking numbers for the newtork E! I can only guess the huge numbers for the sure were in direct correlation with Baskett being on the show because let’s not forget he caught over 400 yards in passes this past season along with 3 touchdowns.

Kendra Wilkinson pictures:

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson