December 3, 2020

Super Prop XLIV

Super Bowl weekend with the biggest game of the year is only 76 hours away which means prop bets are out and ready for wagering.

So when you go to your friends house for the once a year family football function, where going to work on the most called-in-sick day isn’t a priority, think about the little fun things that make this game a real spectacle.

The proposition bets are limitless in this game with anything from Manning total pass yards, first catch of game, FG attempts, how long will it take to sing the Star Spangled Banner, over/under how many times the camera will show a Kardashian which is currently set at 4 1/2.  These bets to me are so much more fun than having the Colts -6 or the over under. This is the time for picking squares and having some friend of a friend’s wife win the fourth quarter and final score and win a few hundy.  I mean c’mon, isn’t it always the person who isn’t as passionate as degenerates like me that wins these things? Yet we always have the glass 1/2 full view until about the end of the first quarter when you know they will never end with a 2 or a 5 as a score.

So might as well have some fun and get on the props like these lil diddies:

Score first TD = Collie +900, Meachum +1200

Manning Over 2 1/2 TDs = -125

First Offensive Holding Penalty = Scott Lilja +800

Matt Stover under 1 1/2 FGs = -105

and the standard for me every year.. Tails Never Fails!

New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champs

That’s right, the Saints will be the champs if you believe in video game predictions. Each year EA Sports simulates the Super Bowl via Madden NFL and believe it or not the simulated winner has ultimately won five of the last six years. This year’s victor is the N’awlins Saints which is quite surprising when you consider most of the media is all over Peyton Manning’s johnson and the Colts. The only prediction Madden NFL missed in the last six years was the Giants victory over the Patties which was one of the bigger upsets in the history of the NFL.

The simulation has the Saints winning 35-31 with Drew Brees winning the MVP after throwing three touchdowns for 299 yards. Brees competition Peyton Manning has a typical Manning game also throwing for three touchdowns plus 322 yards

If this prediction comes true then Bourbon Street could truly experience the absolute biggest party ever held in the French Quarter.

ManCrunch Commercial Nixed

CBS has renounced a Super Bowl ad for a gay dating site called ManCrunch stating it wasn’t up to their “broadcast standards.” In a prepared statement the network said, “After reviewing the ad — which is entirely commercial in nature — our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot.” They added that it “is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday.” I think the website should be thanking their lucky stars it was rejected because now they get to keep the $2+ million it costs to air a commercial during the Super Bowl while garnering all sorts of media attention. Here is the commercial in all its glory.

ManCrunch commercial:

The Saints Come Marching In

The New Orleans Saints are headed to their first Super Bowl in franchise history after winning a thrilling overtime game 31-28 against the Minnesota Vikings. Garrett Hartley confidently nailed a 40-yard goal that ignited a celebration in the Super Dome and throughout New Orleans of epic proportion. Things could have ended very differently had Brett Favre not thrown an interception deep in Saints territory very late in the fourth quarter of the game. Time to burn those paper bag masks and drop the nickname the Aints because even though the Saints were outgained by 218 yards, tallied 16 fewer first downs and possessed the ball almost 10 minutes less than the Vikings they still found a way to win the NFC Championship. New Orleans will have their hands full in Miami in a couple of weeks when they face Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, but they deserve a lot of credit for making the biggest game on Earth. Who Dat!