October 25, 2020

2007 QB Draft Class Officially Blows

Yesterday the Buffalo Bills straight up released Trent Edwards from the roster which was a little surprising even though he has been abysmal over the last couple of years. The 2007 crop of quarterbacks might go down as the worst ever when you consider the players drafted and what they are up to now. Check out this list: 1) JaMarcus “Biggest Bust Ever” Russell who is out of the league; 22) Brady Quinn who couldn’t play in Cleveland and won’t play in Denver; 36) Kevin Kolb has had three total starts; 40) John Beck drafted by Miami and now is a third stringer in DC; 43) Drew Stanton is generally the third stringer in Motown; 92) and finally Trent Edwards. FAIL!

Top 10 Reasons Why T.O. is Having a Bad Season

After six games playing with the Buffalo Bills Terrell Owens has put up some less than stellar numbers. T.O. has 15 receptions for 215 yards which accounts for less than 36 yards a game plus he only has one touchdown. Everyone except Terrell knew he was declining in talent, but I don’t think we knew it would get this bad this quick.

Here are the top ten reasons why T.O. feels his season has gone awrie.

Don’t ask me, I just run the plays they call.

My reality show distracted my offseason focus.

You can’t expect me to catch passes if they don’t throw the ball to me twenty times a game.

Trent Edwards? Really?

I should still be in Dallas. I was great in Dallas. Jerry Jones said so.

It’s very very cold in Buffalo.

I miss Jeff Garcia…err I mean Donovan McNabb…err I mean Tony Romo.

Going over the middle is highly overrated.

The popcorn in Buffalo isn’t the same for some reason.

My hyperbaric chamber got lost between the move from Dallas to Buffalo.