October 31, 2020

Dan Snyder Knows Business

We have been pretty hard on Dan Snyder in the past here at SU.com and once we even compared the Redskins owner to Kim Jong. The stats don’t lie that the team itself has been atrocious when you consider since Dannie took over the Skins in ’99, Washington has had only two winning seasons, a playoff victory and haven’t won more than 10 games in a season. Which means Snyder has to be considered one of the worst owners in all of the NFL, right? Well, there is another side to being an owner and Mr. Snyder does a stellar job in this area. The Skins earned $345 million in revenue just last season which is $25 million more than the New York Yankees. The franchise has nearly doubled in value since Snyder purchased the team for $800 million roughly a decade ago. They are now the third most valuable sports team in the world, behind Manchester United and America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys. Snyder may frustrate fans to no end, but if he could just step back and let someone else run the team he could be the most successful owner in professional sports.

Well Said Clinton Portis

Clinton Portis has done some zany things over the years and quite frankly hasn’t come across as the sharpest or sanest person in our opinion. Well, we no longer think these things and actually we now think Clinton Portis very well might be a genius. Portis has a weekly appearance on an ESPN radio show in DC and recently rather than asking Clinton about how he is doing since his concussion the host decided to ask him about his thoughts on Tiger Woods. Portis went on to share these thoughts and I couldn’t agree with him more.

“I say don’t get married, if it’s not out of your system. I’m not married. You know, I would love to be able to say, I’m a perfect guy, yeah, baby, yeah. I’m not. You know, I’m gonna have temptations. If I find the temptation worth fulfilling, I’m gonna fulfill my temptation. If that ends up getting me in trouble at times, you know, I’ll deal with it then. But right now I’m not married, and I’m 28 years old, and I’m gonna enjoy my life … If he could keep that a secret and ain’t nobody came out and told [on him], hey, congratulate him. You know, most of the time there’s one or two, and you can’t keep that a secret. So if he can balance 14 and keep it a secret, congrats.”

Tiger might make a lot more money than Clinton Portis, but he really should have sought counsel with him before getting married to Elin.

Skins Fan Loses Bet then Saints Fans Wreak Havoc on His TV

If this isn’t the biggest white trash hoedown you have ever seen then I want you to produce video of the incident or else I won’t believe it. This home video shows what happened to a Redskins fan after he made a very stupid bet with all of his New Orleans Saints friends. The Skins fan bet that if they lost to the Saints that they could come over and have target practice on his 60’ flat screen television. He almost got lucky and was able to keep his beloved television until Shaun Suisham missed a 23-yard field goal that led to the Saints winning in overtime. Well, it didn’t take long for his country bumpkin friends to head over to the house with firearms and a lot of Keystone Light ready to take out the TV. I think my favorite Saints fan is the one who has the Saints logo on the back of his head with cut-off jeans over some Miley Cyrus printed thermal underwear with a gun that could kill an elephant. It doesn’t get much better than this my friends!

Dan Snyder=Kim Jong Il

Sorry, but you asked for it Mr. Snyder.

Snyder has single handedly destroyed a storied program. I am a die hard Redskins fan for 35 years but you know what….Snyder needs to go. Unfortunately he can’t be fired.

The legions of dedicated ‘Skins fans had already started calling for his head but after the horrific show on Monday Night Football, Snyder better hire extra security and ask President Obama for the keys to Air Force One so he can make a quick getaway when the mobs come a knocking.

And now in his infinite wisdom Snyder had security take, destroy, confiscate any and all posters/banners that were in or coming in to FedEx Field. According to USAToday.com:
“Scores of angry fans took to Twitter, blogs, e-mails and message boards on Tuesday to assail Snyder and protest what they considered unfair and repressive tactics by security at FedEx Field to prevent criticism of the team owner.”

The policy concerning Banners read as follows about a month ago (according to Dan Steinberg at the www.washingtonpost.com):

Banners are permitted at FedEx Field; however, Guests may not display banners that advertise or mention products or services. Banners may not cover existing FedEx Field equipment or signage. Signs may not be made with metal or wood. Management reserves the right to remove any sign, including those deemed to be obscene, inappropriate or which obstructs the view of other Guests. For the safety of all Guests, banner poles are not permitted.”

But now reads:

Banners of any size are not permitted at FedEx Field.”

This sign was brought into the game Monday:
“Five security guards came down at halftime looking for [it],” Jennifer, the sign’s creator, e-mailed Dan Steinberg on Tuesday. “Everyone in the section played dumb, including the ticket guy for our section.”

Give me a break Snyder!

No one has to agree with your methods of running the team (G57…BINGO!!!) or how much money you spend trying to win a Super Bowl with players that should be collecting social security (Come on in Bruce Smith).

But this is simply crazy. You want to squash the first amendment in “your” stadium which puts you on the same playing field as Kim Jong Il. And in our nation’s capital nonetheless.

And one last thing…you may own this team…but without your fan base you have nothing.

-One Pissed off Fan!!!!

Top 10 Reasons Dan Snyder Sux as an NFL Owner

The Washington Redskins organization is in shambles these days when you consider everything going on, but in all reality is has been bad for quite some time. Dan Snyder doesn’t have a clue on how to run a team yet he continues to meddle in all aspects of the Skins. Here is our top ten list of why Dan Snyder is a joke as a NFL owner.

Looks up to Al Davis, figuratively and literally.

The $55 million dollar contract inked with DeAngelo Hall.

Thinks the draft is a waste of time because you can always throw away millions of dollars in free agency.

He thinks someone who was recently calling bingo games would make an excellent coach to call plays for the team.

Six coaches in ten years.

Uses a Ouija board to make personnel decisions.

Thinks the garden gnome from Travelocity would make a great pulling guard.

Albert Haynesworth’s $100 million contract.

69-84 since the 2000 season.

Is convinced Usain Bolt is the Jamaican Jerry Rice.

Keith Eloi Continues to Amaze

A couple of months ago we introduced you to Keith Eloi and his hops via a video of him jumping flat footed into the bed of a F150 Ford pickup. Eloi has made another video and this time it shows him jumping out of a pool BACKWARDS! I really hope Eloi makes the Redskins team because I think he has the potential for some highlight type plays.