January 24, 2021

Georgia Bulldogs Touchdown Celebration

Florida has owned the Georgia/Florida rivalry in recent years so Mark Richt decided to flip the script in this year’s battle. The entire Georgia team bumrushed the field after their first touchdown costing them two unsportsmanlike penalties, but a huge mental edge. Georgia went on to wallop the Gators 42-30. I don’t agree with Georgia’s antics, but it definitely gave the Bulldogs the edge in the World’s Largest Cocktail Party.


  1. i HATE

  2. As I was saying.. I HATE TD dances.. but this was great. they so Punked the Gators. What I want to know is.. why are there so many 5-3 SEC teams in the Top 25? That is BS.. we are finding out that the SEC teams are not as BAAAAAAAD as they thought they were and are getting beat down often.

  3. What a game! I watched it, at a wedding reception this Saturday with a Georgia Alumni…

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