January 20, 2021

My Man Vinny

Vi nny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde came out of retirement earlier this week after signing with the Carolina Panthers. Vinny has now officially come out of retirement more times now than George Foreman and Michael Jordan combined. He hasn’t even been with the team for a week yet he was the starting quarterback today against the Arizona Cardinals due to David Carr’s bad back. ‘Vinnie Viagra’ led the Panthers to an impressive 25-10 win over the Cardinals by completing 20 of 33 for 206 yards and a touchdown pass to Steve Smith. Vinnie is one impressive 43 year-old man and if he doesn’t start in two weeks over ‘Pretty Boy’ David Carr then John Fox needs a lobotomy. Vinny’s da man!


  1. Awesome pick find Stonecold.

    ya know the 2 utes on the Panthers do not have the savvy that Vinnie has so having him in there is not so bad. Consider the facts:
    Vinnie was on New England all summer
    he has more TD’ds and yds than the entire franchise

    finally Foxy had the Stones to make this call.

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