January 20, 2021

NFL Bet of the Day

Dallas Cowboys cheerleader

Cowboys cover -10.5 at Buffalo

Overall Record:

NFL 28-14-2
College Football: 21-21
MLB 4-0
College Basketball 48-37-2
NBA 6-4


  1. This game was a case of deja vu.
    Lets remember the classic “They are who we thought they were” game. That day I ran around the office pumping the Cardinals after betting my last $20 in my online acct on the money line for the Cards. With 2 mins left in the game and Ariz with the ball I went to bed feeling comfortable with my wise wager and the props I would receive from my office mates including Stonecold when I waltzed into the office the next morning. Well as I was driving to work the next day I hear Devin Hester ran a punt back which smashed my dreams of being the Taut Master.

    Fast forward 1 year…. I had $20 in my online acct and what did I do? I bet the Bills on the money line and went to bed with 5 mins left in the game and Buffalo with the ball. Again I road to work waiting for that Mike and Mike sports center break to confirm my wager and again I was shot thru the heart.

    There is no moral here or any reason as to why this happens but all I know and will continue to preach is that ANYTHING can happen on Monday Nights and when there is a spread too big to comprehend.. take the points not the money line.

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