January 21, 2021

Shame on Travis Johnson

I’m sure by now most of you have heard Trent Green experienced yet another concussion yesterday afternoon against the Houston Texans. Green was attempting a block on defensive tackle Travis Johnson when he took a knee to the head knocking him out cold. Green laid motionless on the field while Travis Johnson decided to taunt him for what he felt was an illegal. Check out the video clip below and tell me Johnson isn’t a complete jackass for his actions.

On another note this could be the last time Trent Green plays in the NFL due to so many head traumas.


  1. im not gonna be with ya here stonecold….the dude was pissed that the qb went low at his knees, if it was him laying there with a career threatening injury to his knee, it wouldnt be a story at all. but green has had more head injuries than he ought to have had and still be playing. id side with travis here, id be pissed

  2. One word for ya… OUCH!

  3. I think Trent Green picked the wrong day to stop sniffin’ glue.

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