January 17, 2021

StonecoldJZ’s Sound Off

StonecoldJZ's Sound Off

* South Florida goes down and the BCS takes a huge sigh of relief. They did not want a nationally unknown Big East team in the BCS Championship game. They would rather have the Florida Gators with two losses in the big game and oddly enough that is not out of the realm of possibility.

* Tank Johnson has returned to the practice field. The ex-Bear now turned Cowboy can’t play until November 11th so I’m sure he will cap someone before he actually plays again on a Sunday.

* Mark Sanchez is starting again this weekend for USC at quarterback. Is John David Booty’s finger still hurt or has USC decided his game is just booty?

* Torre’s press conference has come and gone. How long till the Yankees sign Mattingly now that this is out of the way?
Say what you want, but George is in love with Mattingly and he is still calling the shots.

* Things don’t get any easier for the mightly LSU after last week’s heart breaking three overtime loss to the Kentucky Wildcats. The Auburn Tigers are coming to town and will give them a run for their money for sure. Look for the score to be low and LSU to slip by for the win late in the game.


  1. Ist off if Booty was healthy and/or this game really meant something to the BCS he would be playing.

    LSU. and you know I hate to say this Stonecold.. will crush Auburn.

    Glad to see Kobe didnt make your top 5 because as you know it is a non issue and he will be the MVP this year and lead the Lakers to at least the Western Conference Championship. BTW: Watch out for Andrew Bynum.. this is his breakout year and with a healthy Chris Mhim.. yes Chris Mhim back after a year out and healthy the lakers will out board, out muscle and finally take it out on Phoenix and San Antonio.. The Lakers always match up with San Antonio very well and give the Spurs a game evertime they play. Lakers were only team in West to beat San Antonio twice in San Antonio.

  2. Oh and here is one more sound off:

    how bout that flop Michelles Wei? is that a crock or what .. hasnt broke 70 all year and has had 2 agents in 1 year. This sounds like a bratty little kid who was calling the shots with her parents and got what they deserved.. a bad rep and an even more poor game. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Try beating the ladies before going after the men.. as a metter of fact try beating the club pro at the local Muni before embarassing yourself against the likes of Ochoa and Anika. Babe Didrickson is turing over in her grave.

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