January 20, 2021

StonecoldJZ’s Sound Off

StonecoldJZ's Sound Off

* The Kobe Bryant trade rumors continue with the Bulls on a daily basis, but nothing to this point is imminent. Kobe has flip-flopped once again and said he doesn’t want to be a distraction to a team and right now its business as usual. This after just a week ago the blubbering baby packed up his entire locker. Hey Kupchak, get the deal done!

* Torre, Mattingly and A-Rod to the Dodgers? This is one intoxicating rumor and if it was to come true the Dodgers would become legit for the first time since Gibson hit his historic World Series home run. I definitely think A-Rod has a deal wrapped up somewhere or he wouldn’t have taken a shit on the Yankees, the Red Sox and the World Series by announcing during Game Four last night that he was opting out of his contract with the Yankees. If you don’t understand how he took a shit on all three at once then you probably shoud be back in cursive writing class.

* Man-genius finally announced the benching of Chad Pennington in return for Kellen Clemens receiving the starting nod. My only question is why wasn’t this one a month ago when the Jets still had a chance this season?

* Edgar Renteria was traded today from the Braves to the Detroit Tigers. I remember when Renteria played in the AL for the Red Sox a few years back. He was a bigger flop with the Sox than Reuben Studdard was after leaving American Idol. Renteria has been a nice player in the NL, but if the Braves are willing to let him go for two minor leaguers I would say he has seen better days.

* The Packers go up against probably the best secondary in the NFL, but I don’t see that stopping the ageless wonder. I expect Favre to have a great night tonight in front of the nation on Monday Night Football.


  1. Stonecold.. leave Kobe alone. For one thing if they trade him I will have to cancel my Fathead order.
    Secondly Chicago would be stupid to rid of their young talent for one guy. Will Kobe make the Bulls better? Not sure but all he will have is a power forward and Heinrich which is not better than what he has now.

    The Lakers are far and away a more superior team at this time than the Bulls. They have a strong starting five and a healthy bench for the first time in 2 years. Andrew Bynum and Chris Mihm will control the middle with Roni Turiaf and when Lamar gets healthy they will have 4 guys scraping the window for boards. of course you are asking… “where does kwame fit in?” He will be one of the mop up guys. Also with D Fish coming back, Farmar playing like a vet , Maurice and Luke as small fwds I believe the lakers are able to finally contend. And if they do.. Kobe will have a much better position to barter at the end of the year.

  2. Bruins1 you really need to stop being a Laker Homer. It’s kind of sad!

  3. I could say something right now but will bite my lip.

  4. No need to bite your lip Bruins1 because this is an open forum. If you aren’t a Laker homer then you wouldn’t be blinded by Kobe’s talent and you could see it’s simply time to let him go. If you can get Deng and Ben Gordon as rumored then pull the trigger because the LA fan base is going to turn on him.

  5. I concurr my man.

  6. Stop the press…Bruins1 agreed with me!

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