January 22, 2021

Brian Billick Kisses the Game Away

Well, everything that could fall right last night in the fourth quarter did for the New England Patriots so now they stand at 12-0 for the season. The Ravens made serious coaching mistakes and failed to stop the Patriots on several fourth downs in the fourth quarter which led to their demise. It was almost symbolic when Brian Billick blew a kiss to Rodney Harrison late in the game because things went down hill after the stupid move. Billick’s arrogance has been well documented throughout the years and should lead to him receiving a pink slip at the end of this season. Check out the video clip below of Brian Billick blowing his kiss.


  1. Again I had the big underdog on the money line and AGAIN i lost. But this time I was awake to watch the Crave-ins lose.

    This loss had nothing to do with Billick. This had to do with composure and clock management. I dont blame the coaches for calling time out on that 4th down nor do I blame the coaches for all the stupid penalties.. last time I checked none of the coaching staff had 2×15 yard penalties on 1 play. Think about it.. instead of being on the 42yd line throwing a Hail Mary they could have been 30-40 yrds closer for a tying FG. I commend Billick and his staff for devising a game plan to show how human these guys actually are. How many times did you see a Patriot pound his fist on the turf after a McGehee run of 10 yds. yes they choked but the game plan was flawless and the players got beat by a better team in the end.

  2. You must have been dosing off at the end of the game Bruins1. The gameplan was great until the fourth quarter when in the last 7 minutes it went to s$%t. I assume passing on 3rd and 2 with a shi$ty ass bubble screen was a good call when if you get a first down the game is over. What worked the entire evening….McGahee running the ball??? Especially after key players had called out the play calling as an issue before in previous games this season.

    I am definitely not saying the Patriots aren’t the better team, but the timeout and the play calling lost the game for the Ravens!

  3. Lets see.. the players calling out the coach.. they have been doing it all year all year.. Just play and shut up. Nothing positive ever occurrs when you call out your coach. This team has a bunch of primadonnas and have imploded so bad that they are the most dreadful team of the year. I think the 3rd and 2 play is a gutsy call albeit they were running the ball well but I did see 9 in the box and if you are to beat the best team in football you have to execute and they did not.

  4. We are going to have to agree to disagree on this topic Bruins1!!!

    Thanks for the comments.

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