January 21, 2021

Duke and Dickie V Prevail

Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale returned last night to his role as the top broadcaster of college basketball after missing the last two months due to vocal cord surgery. Vitale returned to broadcast North Carolina versus Duke which is the biggest rivlary in all of college basketball and some will say the biggest rivalry in all of sports. If you have ever watched Vitale announce a Duke you know he has a love for Coach K and Duke that simply can’t be hidden. If the truth be known I think Vitale has the biggest man crush on ole Mike that I have ever witnessed. Vitale probably couldn’t be happier today because Duke prevailed at Carolina in a commanding 89-78 win. This give Duke a commanding lead in the ACC and also an edge on a possible #1 seed in the NCAA tournament.


  1. I wouldnt know.. ESPN was blocked here in the Triangle. i did though enjoy listening to Brando and Packer as well as seeing how bad NC really is. How overated are these guys? when the ACC’s 3rd best team is VTech and the Tarheels play like this not once but for most of the league season it is really showing that this once proud conference has fallen big time this year.

  2. I heard Dickie V in the bar I was at Stonecold and it was ridiculous. I thought at any moment there could be a Brokeback Blue Devil scene between Coach K and Vitale.

  3. Maryland and Clemson are now in third in the ACC. Yes, Carolina looked bad last night, but they were missing their point guard and the second best player on the team. The conference is down this year, but there will be at least one team from the ACC in the Final Four and every conference has a down year from time to time.

  4. Sorry Stonecold. you are correct. Clemson a quality team is now in 3rd along with Maryland…
    Oh are you talking about the Maryland team who lost to American Univ, VCU and Ohio on their home floor this year?

  5. Valid point Bruins1. They are a young team and went through their growing pains. I fully expect to see Maryland in the Big Dance and a contender for the Sweet Sixteen.

  6. Hey Bruins1 — you talk about how overrated UNC is (I’ll get to that in a sec), what happened to your powerhouse team last night at Washington????!!!!???? YIKES! 4 years in a row you’ve lost to them in WA? This record may get legs and try to catch UNC’s record smackdown of 53-0 versus Clemson in Chapel Thrill. Come on K. Love — where ya at?

    Now, for UNC trash talk. Yes, the Dook game was a recipe for a loss (No Lawson, Ellington/Green combined 4-24 — brick masons, Tyler missed 6-7 FT’s, Dook outscored us by 30 from deep). It was inevitable.

    I want to remind all of those UNC haters that we are down to our 3rd string PG!! Put that into perspective for your teams and think about all of the walk-ons you’d have running the point. It would be gameover for 99% of the teams in America in a legitimate league! We just played 2 of the hottest teams in the ACC under this plague and had a chance to win both games (1-1 now).

    When Lawson comes back, this team is going to be so freakin hungry to prove the critics wrong — we’re gonna be rollin!!

  7. PaaaLeeeeez.. go ahead and throw in that your are down to your 3rd string PG. whatever makes you feel better. And yes I will accept all the ribbing in the world for the Wasington dominance in the last 4 years in Seattle.
    What I wont do is say anything about our injuries current and past during the year which is a crock anyway. if you are a top 10 team you play with your McDonalds all americans even those on the bench.
    Oh am I supposed to say, :”when MbahaMoute and Roll get back we are gonna be hungry”? Was I supposed to say that when Collison was out for the first 7 games? No you play with who you have and hope the others pick your team up. That is what shows character in a team.. not the character not on the floor.

  8. LOL Bruins1 — we’re still winning in the absence of our 2 PGs. Oh, I forgot to mention that with our current roster of players healthy enough to play, our back-up PG (in this case Marcus Ginyard) was sidelined the entire 2nd half last nt b/c of an ankle sprain. So our 1st, 2nd, & 4th string PGs are hurt leaving us with the 3rd stringer and really no back-up from there! If you think turning a deaf ear to a rash of injuries like this is the fair thing to do, then go right ahead Judge Judy.

    Injuries happen in the course of any sports team, so Collison being out, no, you cant complain b/c you send in your back up. This is different holmes….we’re on the verge of suiting up “Rudy” Ruettigar!

    Haters gonna hate
    Ballers gonna ball
    When Lawson suits back up
    UNC will take it all

  9. so you’re down to the guy sweeping up after the games running point huh?


    “One of the elite point guard prospects in the country, Thomas is the total package. Long and quick, with a great feel for the game, Thomas is very skilled with the ball. He can break down defenses to get his own shot or, more often, to create for a teammate. He can shoot out to three-point range with a good, not great, outside shot.”

    “**** PG” class of 2004….yeah, my hearts breakin for ya

  10. kgar21 — Good find! My biggest point is UNC haters can’t start saying the team is overrated when injury bugs bite, and bite hard.

    Ah yes, the beloved class of 2004……let me recap with you just how much UNC got out of that crop of committed incoming freshman:

    #1 SG JR Smith-Declared for the NBA after HS, drafted 18th overall by the NO Hornets

    #3 SF Marvin Williams-Great freshman year, one of the best 6th men ever, declared for the NBA after winning the championship, #2 overall draft pick to the Hawks (ahead of veteran teammates Felton, May, and McCants)

    #13 PG Quentin Thomas-Still on the team. Can run really fast, that’s about it. Still #3 PG on the depth chart even in Sr. season.

    #21 SG JamesOn Curry-top basketball player in NC, set all time scoring record. Scholarship rescinded after caught trying to sell drugs at his HS, later played at OK State and was a 2nd round pick in the 2007 draft

    Unfortunately there are these players known as “busts” and the 2004 class was one big bubble for the Tar heels. Hey, just ask any Dook fan you know what they thought about Casey Sanders (perennial All-American coming out of HS) by his Sr. season; or Taymon Domzalski (another case in point). A bust is a bust and since he’s been on campus from day 1, every UNC fan holds their breath when QT steps on the court.

  11. Desinex.. isnt that a foot spray?.. anyway.. where is it that I said anything about your Tarheels other then what is fact in this whole sequence? Please show me cus I am at a loss.
    good to see you are backing your boys. ..you are a fan of the school, but .. real fans can see thru the BS and actually acknowledge their difficiencies as well as knock their play when poor.
    As you see it their whole exisitance and their play is determined by Lawson. Well are we going to hear the Green, Thompson and all the other guys are doing a yeomans job? are the crap? or are they crap till Lawson comes back?
    Please help us out here becuae we are not getting the real point of your ire.

  12. RuinsFun –

    This comment thread started out with you saying “….i did though enjoy listening to Brando and Packer as well as seeing how bad NC really is. How overated are these guys? when the ACC’s 3rd best team is VTech and the Tarheels play like this not once but for most of the league season it is really showing that this once proud conference has fallen big time this year.”

    This coach & team’s philosophy is to run n gun & cause turnovers. The gameplan is not changing with Lawsom & Frasor out, and it shows how badly we miss them. When we dont play well, I’ll acknowledge it all day (ex: when I highlighted Elligton & Green’s Dook performance).

    Just talkin some smack as you led this entire comment thread off by saying UNC is overrated.

  13. love you buddy!
    Love smack.. that is what it is l about..
    good luck …

  14. Back at ya. I’ll keep it coming & expect the same from you. Hopefully our teams will square off in March in Final 4!

  15. Isn’t this cute, they made up.

  16. For those who even remotely care, this article more adequately explains the healthy UNC basketball team: http://tarheelblue.cstv.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/021308aaa.html

  17. I thought this was over… OK parting shot:

    if Ellington misses an open 3.. blame it on Lawson not being there
    if Thompson gets blocked out for a rebound.. blame it on Lawson being hurt
    if Danny Green can dance.. blame it on Lawsons injury..
    If Duke beats Maryland… blame it on Lawson
    Where does it end?

  18. It ends with you taking this comment thread to levels of Bill Walton-absurdity.

  19. I think he just went Bill Walton on dat a$$.

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