January 20, 2021

Ocho Cinco Loco

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson announced today that he wants to be traded from the Bengals as soon as possible and will not attend any Bengals functions whatsoever. The rumors have swirled for months and Johnson has alluded before he wants to be traded, but today’s statements were quite damning. “I want to make this very clear,” Johnson stated. “I don’t know where he got that. I made no assertion to Carson that I would do that. Nothing has changed from what I’ve been saying for three months that I don’t want to play for the Bengals.” “I want to be traded before the draft, and if that doesn’t happen, I want to be traded as soon as possible,” Johnson said. “I don’t intend on reporting to anything.”

Well well. This is going to be a very interesting offseason for the Bengals.


  1. this is such a non-issue.. trade his ass. let him go to Miami or the Raiders. he really has not done anything in fantasy the last 2 years anyway.. TJ Hooseyourdaddy out points him evry year.

  2. PeterNorth says

    He’s almost as “cocky” as me!

  3. This will end up in a hold-out because Cincinnati won’t budge. He will end up playing for the Bungles.

  4. Look for this idiot to be wearing green in Phili on draft day.

  5. Interesting Bruins1…even after the TO debacle?

  6. Maybe Stonecold. But they have experience with this situation and lets remember when they had TO they went to the Super Bowl.
    Name 1 receiver that comes to mind when you say Eagles..I cant. The organization should be ashamed of themselves for not getting a receiver in Free Agency. Eagles have the 19th and 49th pick in the draft and what kind of receiver would they get with those picks?.. Package them and send them to the Natti for a guy who would be their #1 receiver in camp.

  7. Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis are both #2 receivers at best so you do make a good point. I just don’t see the Bengals letting Chad go for some reason.

  8. The Eagles have had two misfires where they should have used their pick on the next wide receiver selected instead of the one they chose. The worse of the two was when they used the 25th overall pick on UCLA wide receiver Freddie Mitchell, who finished his four-year career in Philadelphia with 90 catches for 1,263 yards and five scores. The receiver who was picked next at number 30 in that round, Reggie Wayne, has posted four consecutive 1,000-yard seasons in Indianapolis, including a 104-catch season last year for 1,510 yards and 10 touchdowns. He’s caught 47 touchdown passes in his seven seasons with the Colts.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Eagles had used the seventh pick in the fourth round two years earlier to add California receiver Dameane Douglas to their team. Three picks later in that round, the Baltimore Ravens took the next receiver from that draft class — Brandon Stokley — who eventually teamed up with Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison in Indianapolis to become the NFL’s first trio of wide receivers to score at least 10 touchdowns each and exceed 1,000 receiving yards in a single season. Meanwhile, just fourteen catches over four years translated into the end of Douglas’ career in Philadelphia.

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