June 21, 2021

Kobe MVP Rant

Kobe Bryant

I have heard a lot of chatter from sports heads today stating that if the NBA Playoffs counted Chris Paul would have been announced as the NBA MVP rather than Kobe Bryant. I personally think that is absolute farce because Kobe is hands down the most valuable player. I must say though that I don’t want to take anything away from Chris Paul because he is flat out amazing and is definitely one of the top three players in NBA in only his second year in the pros. Now on to the best player in the NBA which is Kobe Bryant. Kobe is averaging 34.4 points per game during the playoffs yet Paul averages 24.3. Ten whole more points??? Kobe outscored Paul by seven in the regular season and also finished in the top 50 in the NBA in almost every major statistical category during the regular season. Lets also not forget it came down to the Los Angeles Lakers or the New Orleans Hornets for the number one spot in the West and the Lakers went 7-1 during April while the Hornets went 6-4. The Lakers also won against New Orleans on April 11th led by Kobe’s 29 points and eight assists. During this crunch stretch a true MVP steps up and leads his team to the graceland. That along with being hands down the best basketball in the NBA since Michael Jordan is why no matter when the vote would have taken place this year you were going to be the MVP.


  1. This was like your typical MVP award in the fact that it was a career MVP rather than for this year.

  2. Sorry ahuna, but I disagree with that sentiment too. Thanks for the comment though.

  3. Kobe totally deserved the MVP. He has become more of a team player this year than ever before yet at any point when it is time to score he can do it with ease.

  4. Both players are equally deserving. Neither would look half as good if the players around them didn’t get better (albeit little easier for Paul to make them look better because he’s a point guard that’s what point guards are generally do). The facts: the Lakers bench has been stupid good. Odom is in his natural role. Chandler and West are having career seasons. Peja looks like his old Sacramento-self. So, my nod goes to Kobe for the same reason as stated above: when it came down to the final two weeks of the regular season, the Kobe led Lakers beat all the other western conference contenders to secure home court.

  5. You make very solid points nellytrey. It’s nice to see we are in agreement and thanks for the comments.

  6. stonecoldretarded says

    CP3 is in his third year in the league, not second.

    Kobe averaged 28.3 points this year, not 34.4.

    Maybe Buzz Bissinger was right.

  7. Cute play on the name ‘stonecoldretarded’ I stand corrected that this is Paul’s third year rather than second so thanks for pointing that out. In respect to averaging 28.3 ppg during the playoffs rather than 34.4 I’m not sure where you are looking. Check out nba.com, espn.com, cnnsi.com, etc. Thanks for the love though.

  8. Bruins1 says

    This is an honor he started the year going for first because he was so pissed at Mitch and Gerry Buss.. When he figured out that Bynum could play, as well as kick his ass, he saw an opportunity to place the MVP on the same par as the Championship.. When Bynum went down and Memphis gave us Pau for 6 basketballs and 1 laker girl he finally decided that the way to the MVP was to win the West and it would be his. I have not seen him love the game as much as he has with the current lineup of quality vets. it only took a few weeks and he and Gasol have meshed beautifully and with Lamar, DFish and the crazy Russian the Lakers are a formidable foe.

  9. ballbuster says

    Wow stonecold looks like you have a new fan. ‘Stonecoldretarded’ is all over you. You are right about 34.4 in the playoffs though.

  10. hullstock says

    All of you are wrong. Kevin Garnett should be the MVP based on the huge improvement by the Celtics from last year to this one.

  11. I dont agree with Bryant winnning the MVP, I think it should go to Paul, he led a team into the playoffs and #2 seed a year after missing the playoffs. But I dont think its a slight on Paul. Now on your Kobe is averaging 34 in the playoffs argument is void. This is a REGULAR season award, not playoffs so that is a baseless argument. I feel Kobe did get a lifeteam achievment award. He should have gotten it a few years ago. But if you are gonna go and battle for Kobe and his MVP, make sure your arguments are for the regular season stats.

  12. Dan – please read the post again. My rant is based on the sports heads stating if the playoffs were included that Paul should win the MVP. It is absolutely a regular season award and I also state what Kobe did in the regular season in respect to stats and taking his team to the Western Conference #1 seed.

  13. ballbuster says

    Unreal Stonecold. Now we have ‘Dan’ hating on you too! LOL – did he even read your post?

  14. Bruins1 says

    I also heard he bought everyone on his team a 4 carat diamond ring for all their efforts this season.. All except “Kwa-May” Brown.
    Kobe deserves this award.. he is the best in the land and he will also bring Gold back to the USA this summer.

  15. I am not hating at all. I just feel Paul did more to win the MVP. Its all good. I just chose to highlight the scoring in the playoffs, which in my mind, was a way for you to say Kobe deserved it more. He may be outscoring Paul by 10, but I will bet Paul is out assisting him. But I guess the next round will be a Kobe/Paul matchup and I will bet the winner of that series will be the Finals MVP. I also think Kobe should have gotten his MVP a few years ago.

  16. stonecoldretarded says

    Don’t front stonecold, this morning your post said “Kobe is averaging 34.4 for the season.” Kobe averaged 28.3 for the regular season.

    Maybe you misspoke, so in that case glad I could help edit your page.

    This site is maybe the most uninformed, opinion-based conjecture I have ever read.

  17. Dan – he is definitely out assisting Kobe by almost six a game in the playoffs. I would love to see the Hornets vs Lakers in the Western Conference Finals and I agree the team/player that wins could very well be the Finals MVP.

  18. I stand corrected on the two years vs three stonecoldretarded, but outside of that you might want to relax on your venom and have a beer. Thanks again for the comment though.

  19. kgar2121 says

    wow, opinionated?!?! you mean…GASP….a BLOG is OPINIONATED?!?! good job douchebag. get your head out of your own ass and take a sedative dick tracy

  20. Bruins1 says

    Hey Stonecold Retard..you have absolutely no juevos at all. if this is all you do all day is bash, hope to get on Rome with a huge call and watch COPS all day then my friend you must put down the pipe and get a life.. Hows that Gremlin running? Did you stock up with the chicken or the shrimp Top Raman? Is that a knock on the door I hear cus its been 7 days and your check to the landlord bounced…again. Maybe granny can loan you another weeks worth so you can stay at the hotel apts another few days.
    What a Mo-Ron

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