November 27, 2020

Somewhere Jack Sikma is Crying

Jack Sikma

The Seattle Supersonics are officially now a defunct NBA team. Owner Clay Bennett finally came to an agreement with the city of Seattle which will allow him to terminate the lease with Key Arena and move his team to Oklahoma City. Bennett will have to pay the city of Seattle $75 million, but he doesn’t care because he won the overall battle. The team will have to come up with a new name and colors because the Sonics name along with the green and yellow must stay. What will the new Oklahoma City franchise be called? The Drillers, Lariats, Thieves or something else? Thoughts or ideas?


  1. Does anyone believe Oklahoma City can really keep an NBA team afloat? This is beyond stupid!

  2. Oklahoma City….who the hell lives in Oklahoma City?? Isn’t that fly over county? I am sure allot of NBA stars are going to be banging down doors to get on this band wagon.

    Oklahoma City…..really???

  3. Downtown Freddy Brown, Slick Watts, Spencer Haywood, Tom Burleson, Tal Skinner and Leonard Gray will not be attending any Old Timers days in Oklahoma City. Oh and dont forget Gus Williams, John Johnson, Wally Walker.. yes both on the same team.. Paul Silas, Marvin (I never saw a powdered line I didnt like) Webster, DJ and the infamous Dean Tolsen.

  4. stonecoldjz says

    Great comments TD and Bruins1. Thanks!

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