January 24, 2021

WNBA Mayhem

Rick Mahorn

Did anyone see the huge cat fight last night in the LA Sparks versus Detroit Shock game? Ok, what I’m thinking even asking such a ludicrous question. Since no one in their right mind saw the game last night you unfortunately missed quite a show at the end of the game. The Sparks beat the Shock 84-81, but the real excitement happened with seconds left when a fight broke out. Check out the video clip below for the footage and pay special attention to the part when the Sparks players gang up on bad boy Rick Mahorn. One of the ladies from the Sparks even takes a swing at the Detroit Shock assistant coach. I think the WNBA could be on to something with this new behavior, but that is just my twisted opinion.


  1. ballbuster says

    Where is Charles Barkley when you need a little ‘bump and thump.’

  2. They are straight trying to whip his ass.

  3. buyuadrank says

    I think I could watch 5 minutes of a WNBA game if this happened more often.

  4. Still could care less about the Worthless National Basketball League.

  5. I love a good cat fight.. this was not one of those times though.

  6. Today comes the league ruling on this fight. I think Mahorn takes the fall.

  7. dexineffex says

    I was waiting for Bill Lambier to throw one of his patented hay makers at Mike Cooper. Rick Mahorn is going down to China town after shoving a so-called “woman” — maybe the WNBA could spin this w/ one of their new commericals: Women Never Brawl Alone

  8. Hey I think we are all forgetting.. the first rule of WNBA Fight Club is .. we dont talk about WNBA Fight Club.

  9. just saw the “breaking news” on suspensions at espn….funny comment followed:

    jagermeister94 :
    by the way, Candace Parker clearly initiated this fight. If you slow down the tape, you can see her taking off her earrings and putting on some longer acrylic nails.

  10. LOL wolfman. I almost spit out my drink on the acrylic nails reference.

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