November 27, 2020

Brett’s a Jet

Brett Favre

I know the saga of Brett Favre has been riveting, but I have to admit I’m glad we finally have an ending. We will no longer have to see the ‘Favre’ item located on the ESPN sports ticker every few minutes. I’m sure the Packers suits feel they won the duel because Favre didn’t land anywhere in the NFC and furthermore he ends up with the Jets who in all reality don’t have much of a chance of making the playoffs. You have to think New England, Indy, San Diego and Jacksonville are all locks for the playoffs which only leaves room for two other AFC teams. Those teams would include Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincy, Tennessee, Buffalo, Baltimore and the Jets. Jets fans are thrilled today to have Brett on their team, but don’t let the hype fool you because in the end Favre is only worth two extra wins which isn’t getting you very far this year.


  1. I totally disagree. I think this immediately makes the Jets a factor in the AFC.

  2. time will tell.. but I will say that Cotchery caught over 80 passes the last 2 years with Chad, Kellen and Vinnie throwing the pigskin. Also the only RB last year to avg 20 carries is Thomas Jones. The off season acquisitions make them sound in the LB middle and OL.

    So if we see 7-9 is the year a success coming off of a 4-12?

    remember they are still in the New England’s division..and although they have Buffalo & Miami in the division.. they would most likely have to win the division to make the playoffs due to the strengths of the other teams in the other divisions.

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