January 17, 2021

Ocho Cinco Could Become Reality

Chad Johnson AKA Ocho Cinco

I’m sure you remember when Chad Johnson wore the jesey two years ago with ‘Ocho Cinco’ written across the back of it and was quickly fined by the NFL after the game which ended Johnson’s fun in the interim. Well, Johnson has continuously stated he really wants that on the back of his jersey and has decided to take another route to make this happen. Chad has taken steps to legally change his last name to Ocho Cinco so it can be written out above his #85 jersey with the Cincinnati Bengals. If this does happen it will put the NFL in a pickle to allow him to display the new name on his jersey, but if it is allowed he is set to make a wad of cash from the move. Johnson’s jersey would immediately become one of the most popular purchases with fans and NFL players get a cut of the transaction form these sales. In the end I don’t see this happening for many reasons, but Chad continues to show off his self-promotion skills.


  1. He won’t be successful chaning his last name to Ocho Cinco. Now Pollo Loco is a possibility.

  2. ballbuster says

    What a joke! This creep makes me sick.

  3. He might not be playing much this year if his shoulder is really hurt bad from last night’s preseason game against Detroit.

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