November 25, 2020

Michael Vick in the Mafia?

Michael Vick’s lawyer Michael Blumenthal told a bankruptcy court today that Vick has lined up a construction job for when he gets out of the pen. Who in the heck set up this gig Mr. Blumenthal Tony Soprano? I mean do you think we really believe for one split second that “Ron Mexico” is going to be laying bricks or painting walls? Blumenthal said when Vick is released, he plans to work forty hours a week for a construction company. He did not disclose the wage or give any other details about the type of work that Vick will be performing. Vick is actually set to take the stand tomorrow before the proceedings wrap up. He’s scheduled to be released from custody in July, but could be sent to home confinement as early as late May. I do want to commend Vick for serving his time and paying his debt to society, but please don’t try and BS me or anyone else that you are going to be working construction to pay back your losses. Tony Soprano doesn’t want you and the bigger question will be does the NFL and Roger Goodell?

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