November 24, 2020

Simona Halep Just Broke My Heart

SportsUnderground Sports Babe Simona Halep as we have previously mentioned is an upcoming women’s tennis star who has all the potential in the world. That is all good and well, but there is news out now that Halep thinks her 34DD chest is holding back her tennis abilities. “This fall I’ll have a breast reduction operation,” Simona said. “The breasts make me uncomfortable when I play.” Those could be the two saddest sentences I have ever read back-to-back. Let’s hope Simona Halep comes to her senses and changes her mind on the possible reduction.


  1. The Grizzer says

    Well I just will not be able to watch women’s tennis again. Actually, I will…as long as Sharapova or Ivanovic is on the court.

  2. I agree Grizzer. Maria and Ana make things a little brighter. =)

  3. this is definetely the saddest news , i was waiting for her to reach pro and play in the womans circuit soon
    please dont do it Simona

  4. Does she not think that her serves, or backhands will suffer? All that extra weight is momentum… I imagine she just needs to find better “support” bras

  5. I definitely think there will be “ill effects” Haven so hopefully she changes her mind.

  6. the teacher says

    please don’ t do it, keep them like this,

  7. freebirdi says

    it will be a loss for fans. but honestly i think she will benefit as an athlete. if she wants to enter modelling then its the other way around. if i remember correctly another world #1 had reduction – stefi.

  8. and now she is gone. She had the surgery and she “cut off” the two best things she had going for her career. So sad, but now you are gone. Good bye genius. Oh yeah your skills are the reason I “watched you play” , dumbass

  9. @Tom, because I’m really sure she was thinking about you when it came to her career—dumbass. Bummer, she wasn’t living for you! Dumbass!


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