November 29, 2020

Why Would Someone Hurt Her?

Danielle Lloyd is the girlfriend of Tottenham (English Premier League) soccer player Jamie O’Hara and earlier this week she was thrown threw a glass table at a London night club. This might seem odd and out of sorts, but oddly enough this is the second time this has happend in the last month and the fourth time Danielle has been caught up in a vicious catfight. Two women were arrested in the most recent incident and are out on bail until July. It sounds to me like this girl really knows how to throw down. (no pun intended)

Danielle Lloyd


  1. Did they airbrush the blood?

  2. LOL. It does look a bit odd Buda.

  3. Are those natural breasts?

  4. Unfortunately or fortunately jake the word on the street is the breasts are store bought.

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