December 3, 2020

Oden Resorts to Hoggin

It was two years ago this week that Greg “Don’t call me Grady from Sanford & Son” Oden was drafted as the number one selection by the Portland Trailblazers and the sky seemed to be the limit. Then unfortunately the harsh reality of being injury prone hit Mr. Oden in the face and over a two year span he has played in a total of 61 games and is averaging a meager 8.9 points and 7 rebounds a game. Now don’t get me wrong, Greg got paid for sure, but it seems his game is not only been lackluster on the court it has also seems to be affecting his off court game. This young lady might be the sweetest thing ever, but can’t an NBA star of his stature score something a bit better? At least he looks happy with her.


  1. dexineffex says

    LMAO! I think Greg is saying “Das just my baby’s mamma” — OR is that his daughter, considering he’s really 52 yrs old?

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