November 27, 2020

Phil Ivey Just Got Paid

Phil Ivey won his sixth World Series of Poker bracelet over the weekend in the 2009 WSOP Deuce-To-Seven tourney. The tourney isn’t one of the more popular tournaments at the WSOP, but Ivey ranked in close to $100k for the win. Overall this would be a no story for the most part if it wasn’t for the amount of money Ivey reportedly won from side wagers with other poker players. Word on the streets is Ivey won over $12 million from bets with the bracelet victory and is re-upping on his wagers that he will win another one this year. Check out more details on this ginormous victory from the article below at Tao of Poker.

Article: 2009 WSOP Day 10: Just Another Day in the Office: Phil Ivey Wins His Sixth Bracelet — and $12 Million

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