December 4, 2020

848-Mile Golf Course

A few months back we discussed the most amazing golf hole on the planet with a tee box 1,400 feet up. We now would like to introduce you to the most impressive golf course ever created The Nullarbor Links. The world’s longest golf course extends over 848 miles of desert highway in 18 towns and service stations and is located in two different time zones. Golfers will stop in one area to play a hole and then sometimes drive over 60 miles before reaching the next hole. The par-71 course will take up to four days to complete with each player awarded a certificate once they complete the monster track. The other cool part of this golf outing, as if it needed more, is each of the 18 areas offers a local attraction such as ancient fossil beds, the Big Kangaroo statue, whale-watching and more. Who is ready to take a trip down under?

The Nullarbor Links: The Nullarbor Links Golf Club website

The Nullarbor Links

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