November 30, 2020

Forget Flutie Flakes

Terrell Owens is on one heck of a self-promotion spree these days even for someone as conceited as TO. We are all well aware Owens loves him some him, but he has really kicked it up a notch in the few months. The recently aired VH1 reality series “The T.O. Show” is just another notch in Owen’s belt, and now comes the news he has his own cereal. T.O.’s are made of honey toasted oats and they come in a collector’s box that features the prima donna on the cover. On the back of the box is a picture of TO in a Bills helmet pouring the cereal onto his face with the phrase, “Getchya popcorn ready.” Owens better hope he sells some cereal now because by the middle of the season when he is whining and giving Trent Edwards grief the fans will already be fed up. (no pun intended)

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