December 4, 2020

Anthony Kim Needs a Drink

Anthony Kim has been called “the current John Daly” by Australian golfer Robert Allenby after Kim supposively pulled an all night bender the night/morning before the final day of the Presidents Cup this past weekend. Allenby told Golf Week some of his friends saw Anthony walking “sideways” into the hotel around 4 AM Sunday morning. The catch is this was only five hours before Kim teed off against Allenby and Kim whooped Allenby by winning 5 and 3. There is also a report surfacing that Fred Couples asked Anthony to leave a team function earlier in the week because he was all crunked up. Kim is denying that either of these stories is true, but it sure sounds like Kim likes to throw down. I think Allenby is the one who looks like a schmuck considering he got worked by someone who was completely trashed just hours before.

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