November 24, 2020

The MLB Playoffs are Finally Here

Does anyone know that the MLB Playoffs are here? Well, if anyone has paid attention the playoffs have in a way been going on since October 1st when you consider the AL Central is going into the 163rd game today to determine a division winner.  Ya, I know, who knew?

MLB has been almost as bad as the NHL when it comes to marketing their product. The AL Central and the NL West were up for grabs and what does MLB do? Absolutely nothing. Oh they had a game or two on ESPN, but with sweeps happening on prime time TV since October 1st there was no way to get on national TV other than on ESPN.


My biggest problem is Fox, who has the NLCS, currently has one show in the top 20 and their Saturday Baseball games have one of the worst ratings in years for their Saturday 4PM slot. Heck, even a golf tourney without Tiger does better than their snoozers. TBS which has most of all the playoff games has ZERO shows in the top 20.  Why wouldnt these stations add some of the last weeks action to their slots in order to get people pumped up for the playoffs?

It is a crying shame that America’s former pastime has fallen to where a Wednesday night Louisiana Tech versus Hawaii college football game gets more viewers than a primetime MLB game.

In any case here are my NLDS and ALDS predictions:

St. Louis beats the Dodgers in 3

Colorado beats Philly in 4

Angels beat Red Sox in 5

Twins beat Yankees in 4 or Yankees beat Tigers in 3

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