June 21, 2021

Things Are Getting Sloppy in Lawrence

The upcoming 2009-10 college basketball season started off with so much promise for the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team. Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich both decided to stay in Lawrence, Kansas and the Rock Chalk Jayhawks were appointed as the number one team in the country. Then things started to go awry and the players started to get loco almost in consecutive order. Their conduct over the last month has been piss poor and it has casted an ugly haze around the program.

1. Sophomore guard Tyshawn Taylor threw a punch at a Kansas football player which hurt his thumb and led to two separate fights between the basketball and football programs.
2. Junior guard Brady Morningstar was suspended from the team for the first semester after getting a DWI.
3. Sherron Collins showed up to preseason workouts at a whopping 229 pounds. Coach Self slammed Collins publicly and stated he will need to lose 20-30 pounds in the coming weeks.
4. Sophomore center Markieff Morris was in a car accident in a car registered to former Jayhawk Scott Pollard. Hmmm?

Even with all the problems swirling around Self and his team they are still the overwhelming favorite to win the National Championship. Self’s arrogance is staggering and it seems to be rubbing off on his basketball team in bad bad way. If you ask me Self needs to get this ship back on course and quick or things won’t be so promising come March.


  1. Markieff be aksin Scott Pollard for a car huh?.. nice to see the system still works

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