December 3, 2020

Holiday Wishes from Jail

It just isn’t a happy Thanksgiving without some holiday shenanigans related to a sports athlete. Former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Ross Verba is more than likely going to be sitting in a jail cell this holiday weekend for a little issue he currently has with The Palms casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Verba reportedly owes The Palms $26k based on an article in The Las Vegas Sun a little earlier this week. This isn’t Verba’s first issue with paying off casinos and do not forget Verba once signed a $20 million contract with the Detroit Lions. Either Verba really sucks at gambling or he has hit one hell of a bad streak of luck


  1. as I always say.. Winning at wagering is only a loan.. you have to pay back with interest eventually.. So I guess Verba’s margin called and he didnt answer..

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