November 24, 2020

Tiger Woods New Endorsement Deals

Even though Tiger Woods is losing corporate sponsors almost everyday he is working hard on backfilling the ones he has lost. Nike is the main corporate sponsor that hasn’t left Tiger to date and quite frankly I don’t think they will due to how much money he has made the company overall. If you combine Nike and the other new deals below we think Tiger will continue to be the very well paid.

New host of TV show Cheaters
Cheaters TV show

Tiger Balm – Soothys achy muscles from the clubhouse to the cathouse.
Tiger Balm

Viagra – Be a Tiger in bed

Trogan Magnum – The only condom made to fit a Tiger
Trojan Magnum

Penthouse Forum – Article of the month by Tiger Woods
Penthouse Forum

Official spokesman of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
Tiger Woods

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