December 4, 2020

Controversy Going into the Olympics

I am sure you have been biting your nails while looking at the calendar with impatience because you just can’t wait for the 2010 Winter Olympics start. So since you are such a pair ice dancing maniac you probably already have heard about what happened at the European Skating Championships with the Olympic favorites.

Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin who are considered the ultimate favorites to win gold this year wowed the crowd with a routine to remember. They swished and sashayed their way into the lead with an opening skate that was supposively very offensive to Aborigines. The performance is generating a lot of anger in Australia and the aboriginal elder Sol Bellear even called the dance “very offensive.” There were no concerns issued from judges or spectators, but the aborginal people in Australia feel exploited. So the controversy burns on, but the bigger controversy is in relation to Maxim’s costume. Can someone tell me what the heck is on this guys head? What tree or bush is he portraying to be? Yikes!

Wow, I just cant wait to watch the Winter Olympics.


  1. dexineffex says

    ROFLMAO — looks like a competitive duo from Blades of Glory. I can’t believe that outfit is real & not some slap-schtick comedy duo.

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