December 2, 2020

Sean Salisbury’s Package

Sean Salisbury was a former ESPN football analyst who liked to bicker back and forth with “The Professor” John Clayton on the airwaves until out of nowhere he vanished from the goliath sports network. Salisbury has admitted to USA Today that he took cell phone pictures of “Lil Sean” a few years ago and then decided to show the pictures to his colleagues. This has been rumored for a very long time, but until now Sean has vehemently denied this ever happened. The former vagabond NFL quarterback claimed it was “a sophomoric mistake” and I have to agree when you consider he was 43 when he pulled out Captain Winky at the job. The one other disturbing part of the article is it doesn’t address if he showed these pictures to men or women?? Salisbury is currently unemployed and I don’t see much luck on the horizon for him to get a new job after this disturbing revelation.


  1. he went to USC so it was for men.

  2. Greg Oden must have put him up to it

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