December 4, 2020

USC/Bengals Maualuga Faces DUI Charge

Here is a prime example of pure stupidity.  We always ask each other, “With all the money professional players make, why don’t they get a driver or at the very last get a taxi?”

Police in northern Kentucky have arrested Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga on charges of DUI and careless driving. Maualuga decided to test his slalom skills with a parking meter and two parked cars earlier this morning in his 2003 Pontiac.  A 2003 Pontiac? C’mon Rey a 2003 Pontiac? Did you purposively drive this hooptie because you knew you were going to get straight plowed and would end up wrecking your ride?

Maualuga was almost two times the legal limit and he is nursing a broken ankle that happened in Week 16 against the Chiefs. Now, for the final two questions. You are from southern California and your season is over so what in the blue hell are you are still doing in Kentucky? Duuuuude, WTF?

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