November 28, 2020

So Long Raleigh, It Has Been Amazing

Here it is, my final weekend living in Raleigh, NC. The town I was introduced to StoneColdJZ and right now my feelings have become sullen, but at the same time exhilarated.

I will continue to write on this site, but I will provide you a lil more west coast bias than normal and hope for a rise or two from those of you who are staunch Big East or ACC freaks.

I thank StoneCold for introducing me to the NC State Wolfpack who I have adopted as my 3rd favorite team behind the UCLA Bruins and the Pacific Tigers.  I thank Dexineffex and Gresh for introducing me to the second coming of USC in attitude by trying to shame me into accepting UNC as my Triangle team.  I thank Dwyer for not trying to conform me into a ‘Cuse fan and I have a special shout out to Chasey who tried to force me into rooting for his team, err, teams like LSU, South Carolina, Penn State and Youngstown State or was it Grambling? Not sure, but it has been excellent sparring with you all.

I will catch you next week from the shores of Long Beach, California where we will again begin the verbal jabs of who is and who is not good, bad, nasty, arrested or cheating.


  1. David – I heard this news the other day from Stonecold…say it isn’t so.

    I am glad to I have gotten to know and am able to consider you friend. Best of luck to you and I won’t give up hope that you will one day see the light and give the ‘Cuse their due.

  2. HAHAHA.. They are the bomb this year..but not a chance to accept them as a followed team buddy.. but I still love ya!.. C U soon Tommy.

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