November 25, 2020

Penn State Home Games Pack a Punch

Penn State football fans consistently make Beaver Stadium one of the louder college football venues in the nation, but things could get even more intimidating for their opposition this coming year. Thanks to some scientific plotting the stadium will have the potential to be almost 50% louder than before. They aren’t adding extra seats nor are they going to pump in loud artificial sound. The new surge of noise will be achieved by relocating the 20k student seats to the southern end zone of the stadium.

A Penn State grad student recorded crowd noise with sounds meters over a span of three home games and determined the noise levels would reach 110 decibels when opposing teams had the ball. After a lot of tests in different seats around the stadium the student determined where the biggest impact could be achieved from the always raucous student section. The relocation of the section means it will be almost impossible for the opponents quarterback to be heard at the line which will inevitably result in penalties and lots of confusion. The Nittany Lions will inevitably benefit from the wonders of science this season and seasons to come.


  1. As usual they get a lot of home games but..These fans get to yell and scream for ol’ PSU to the sounds of Youngstown St., Kent St, Temple, Ill, Northwestern, Indian and Michigan St and Mich. What the fans sould do is boycott this horrible schedule and got to the road games.. At Alabama, Iowa, Minn and Ohio St. ..Look for Penn State to go 8-4 this year

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