November 27, 2020

Boston vs LA, Again!

How did the NBA get so lucky again? As much as David Stern would love to have a Kobe vs Lebron NBA Finals there is no debate that this is still the marquee matchup that got the NBA a new and exciting audience 26 years ago and is still a ratings magnet to this day.

It is amazing that combined these two teams have 32 total championships between them out of a total number of 62. The NBA Finals have been played every year since 1947. The Lakers have been to the NBA Finals 29 times and the Celtics have been to a total of 20 and have faced each other head-to-head 11 times. Magic Johnson’s Lakers won 11 of 19 games over Larry Bird’s Celts in Finals, but Boston is 9-2 vs the Lakers all-time in the Finals after starting with an 8 game winning streak.

This has all the makings of a great series that could very well go 7 games and I believe that this series will go the distance. This gives us all a reason to embrace the NBA Playoffs so enjoy.

I see at least 1 game going OT and the series being won by LA in 7 with a nail biter at the Staples Center.


  1. East Coast Bias says


    Unfortunately, you West Coast Wanks (WCW) are going to win it this year. Hopefully LSU can spank UCLA in college baseball.

    Tigers & SeC forever.


  2. Bruins 1 says

    Um.. Lakers up 1-0 and Bruins crushed LSU.. Who else do you like there ECB so I can bet against your pix and make a fortune

  3. East Coast Bias says

    I said I think the Lakers would win you honk. Yes LSU lost and that sucks, but I will surive, lets for your sake hope your Lakers do 1-1 now.

    ECB out

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