December 4, 2020

Staggering Strasburg

Coming into Stephen Strasburg’s first Major League start last night there seemed to be more hype than what surrounded the release of ‘New Coke’ or ‘Sega Genesis’ many moons ago. Even with all the hoopla and what seemed to be an inevitable let down Strasburg exceeded expectations of not only the Nationals, but everyone else who watched as well. The Nationals stud rookie KO’ed a stunning fourteen batters from the Pittsburgh Pirates (I know you are thinking, but it’s the Pirates) and allowed a meager two runs in seven innings pitched. Keep in mind the most strikeouts by a pitcher this year was fourteen and Strasburg could have had more if he remained in the game considering he erased the last seven batters her faced on strikes. Strasburg will pitch again on June 13th in Cleveland and the Indians are already expecting an increase of at least 10,000 tickets sold. The Nationals need Strasburg to live up to his potential in almost every way in order to solidify a very shaky franchise, but Major League Baseball could also enjoy a substantial windfall from the Strasburg phenomenon as well.

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