December 3, 2020

My Top 3 NCAA Football Summer Pix

We are five weeks out and USC is on probation, Urban Meyer took no time away from the game and Nick Saban is calling out agents and boosters. Are you ready for some college football?

This offseason seems to have been more interesting than any other I can remember. Lane Kiffen and USC got smacked down, The Pac whatever and Texas were gonna be in the same conference and you have multiple teams being investigated by the NCAA for player interaction with agents or runners.

My Top 3 Teams – after spring ball and district court appearances are:

#1 – Ohio State

#2 – USC

#3 – Boise St.

USC will have more incentive than any school in the country due to the ‘non-bowl’ sanction. Before this sanction they were top 4 and in the end what has changed for this year? They didn’t get the #1 recruit in the country due to the sanctions, but they are still loaded. I am a UCLA guy, but this is USC’s year.

Jim Tressel and OSU seem to be a bit under the radar and I feel this is the year of the Buckeye. Other than their rivalry game against Michigan the Buckeyes have Miami the second week in Columbus and the typical Big 10 games they will more than likely roll through in typical fashion. Besides the schedule Pryor is a stud and has major confidence after the Rose Bowl win against Oregon earlier this year. Can you name another big name QB in college football?

Boise has one tough game the entire year and it is the first game of the year against Virginia Tech in Washington, DC. If they win that game look out!

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