June 24, 2021

What is Up with Big Men in the NBA?

Forget whoever Portland drafts as their center of the future will eventually get hurt and generally in their rookie year. Also, forget that Yao Ming was one of the tallest and most versatile players we have seen in the NBA in years. Where have all the true centers gone?

It’s almost like the Heavyweight Division in boxing because what has really happened since Mike ‘the Bite’ Tyson left? The sport went out the window just the centers have done in the NBA.

OK Dwight Howard you say? The guy can’t hit a jumper further than 5 feet from the rim. Pau Gasol maybe? He gets muscled out of the paint by Big Baby Davis. So where are the studs that dominated the paint like Shaq, Kareem or even Patrick used to do?

The NBA has become a guard oriented league with little regard to the front court. With all of the slashers and jumpers getting drafted as ‘Athletes’ this sport can be hard to watch. I’m not sure if the game will revert back to true big men, but in my opinion it really needs to do so.

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