November 30, 2020

I’m Taking My Talents to the NFL?

Those words spoke volumes when Kobe announced his intention to go into the NBA draft in 1996 and then again when LeBron made his ‘Decision’ last summer. Now with the world collapsing around the Ohio State Football program, Pryor’s 5 game suspension, an embattled and loyal coach resigning and a cloud of controversy over his head Terelle has decided to leave the program and seek greener pastures. The #1 recruit in the country back in 2008, where by choosing Ohio State over Michigan solidified the end of Rich Rodriguez, will not take another snap for the Buckeyes.

While not being the only player with ghosts he was also the highest profile on the team and in the wake of Maurice Clarett and now the latest major violations at USC Terelle for better or worse decided that he would be a major detriment to the team and long term to the program. I am shocked that the NCAA has totally hammered USC yet allowing Ohio St. to have all their players for the bowl game last year and not penalizing the school. With the NCAA you never know what the rules to penalties are and I am sick of the games. We still don’t know the extent of the failures, but in the end it can’t be any worse than what Reggie Bush’s parents did.

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