January 26, 2021

Saban Speaks Out on Agent Participation

University of Alabama officials are investigating whether junior defensive lineman Marcel Dareus broke NCAA rules by attending an agent’s party in Miami’s South Beach earlier this summer and Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban who has been on both the college and NFL side of things has decided to speak out.

Saban says it is finally time for a change: “What the NFL Players Association and the NFL need to do is if any agent breaks a rule and causes ineligibility for a player, they should suspend his [agent’s] license for a year or two.” “I’m about ready for college football to say, ‘Let’s just throw the NFL out. Don’t let them evaluate players. Don’t let them talk to players. Let them do it at the combine.’ If they are not going to help us, why should we help them?” Right now, agents are screwing it up,” Saban said. “They are taking the eligibility of players. It’s not right that those players do the wrong thing. We have a great education process here. We have a full-time worker who meets with players and their families and does everything else.”

With what has gone on at USC and Reggie Bush and for all the other players over the last 30+ years who have been screwed because of overzealous agents it is about time to start penalizing people instead of programs for the offenses that are continually making ink inside the newspapers and ruining the integrity of the amateur athlete.

Terrence Cody’s Sweater Stretchers

I know lineman have to be bigger than life and eat 5,000 calories or more a day to keep the weight up, but does anyone think Terrence Cody has taken this notion a bit far? Dude has a bigger rack than Roseanne Barr and he doesn’t seem to have any defined muscle on his body. Yes, he could beat me to a pulp in two seconds or less, but come on man!

Hook ’em Horns

Tonight #1 Alabama plays #2 Texas in the Rose Bowl for the BCS Championship. My heart isn’t with either team, but we have to pull for the Longhorns this evening because if they can pull out a win then I rake in some cabbage from a Bowl Pool challenge. I hope the curse of the Heisman trophy winner hangs over Mark Ingram and the Tide because McCoy and the boys will need some help to overcome them. Here is the University of Texas fight song to get anyone else in the mood who is pulling for Texas. Hook ’em Horns!